About Us

Fenwick Keats Management Inc. is a leader in New York City property management. We focus on and are extremely skilled within the highly-specialized world of townhouse, brownstone and mid-size building management.  With expertise in Cooperative, Condominium and Rental buildings, our 20+ years of experience and our dedicated staff of seasoned professionals is unparalleled.

Our emphasis on customer service and follow-through highlight our management style. Each member of our team provides specific knowledge with regard to property management; whether it is regarding administrative aspects, building maintenance issues or financial aspects. Our team strongly believes that the client comes first. Our standard practice is that all inquires are handled in a polite, professional and efficient manner.

Fenwick Keats Management Inc. has the ability to serve all of your property management needs. Please contact us with any inquires that you might have to schedule a meeting with one of our property managers.


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